Egg white vs the whole egg!


Egg white vs. the whole egg! 🍳 shows in this photo that there are pros & cons to each ❤️Truth is though you definitely shouldn’t be afraid of the yolk and here are some reasons why it would be beneficial to have a least one yolk in your omelette:
Egg Whites:
17 calories per egg white
0g fat
3.6g protein
A leaner source of protein
A complete amino acid .
The whole egg:
70 calories per egg (varies by brand)
5g fat
6.3g protein
Has all of the vitamin A, D, E & K
Has higher portion of B6. B12 & folic acid
Contains all the choline crucial for brain development, liver function, etc.
Overall, the whole egg has more of the nutrients! My favorite weight loss trick is to include 1 to 2 eggs in an omelette or scramble then add 2-3+ egg whites to add more volume!