Did You Know These Italian Beauty Secrets?


Italian women are famous worldwide for their flawless complexion and spotless skin. People from all over the world look up to the Italian beauties for their immaculate beauty.

Italian women use a wide array of home remedies and natural beauty tips for achieving picture-perfect skin. They follow an inside-out approach for skin care. From eating healthy to using natural ingredients instead of relying on chemical-laden commercial products, Italian women put in a lot of effort to get great skin.

Italian beauty tips

Home remedies are extensively used all over the world for improving the condition of the skin. And, in different countries, women prefer different home remedies for treating annoying skin problems.

Like other countries, even the wine-loving country of Italy has certain beauty secrets that have been passed down from one generation to another. And, today at Boldsky, we have rounded up some of the beauty secrets behind Italian beauty that you can easily try at home.

Easy to follow and natural, these tips can make s world of difference to the way your skin feels and looks. So, read on to know about the ways in which you can enhance your look.

Must-Know Italian Beauty Secrets

Here is a list of Italian beauty secrets that you must know about to get the kind of skin you have always yearned for:

1. Strawberry Scrub For Exfoliation

Italian ladies are well-aware of the power of strawberries. They often use this beauty-enhancing fruit in their skin care routine. Rich in vitamin C, strawberries have the ability to remove the gunk from the skin pores and get rid of excess sebum. Create a blend of strawberries and honey. Gently scrub the material on the face for a few minutes before washing it off with normal water. This combo can exfoliate your skin and leave it looking fresh and clean.

2. Lemon Juice For Skin Toning

Lemon juice is another best-kept beauty secret of Italian women. They use lemon juice for achieving an even skin tone that looks incredible even without a stitch of makeup. A great source of vitamin C, lemon juice’s real strength lies in its ability to fight off skin discoloration and lighten dark spots. Just mix a little bit of lemon juice with distilled water. Soak a cotton ball in the solution and dab it all over your skin. Rinse with normal water after 5-10 minutes.

3. Yogurt For Sensitive Skin

Instead of using store-bought products for taking care of sensitive skin, most Italian women prefer using home remedies such as yogurt. A high content of lactic acid, calcium and B vitamins in yogurt makes it an excellent remedy for not just helping sensitive skin stay away from breakouts but also beautify its appearance. Mix yogurt with other skin-friendly natural ingredients such as avocado to keep the sensitive skin type healthy and free of reactions.

4. Garlic For Pimples

Pimples are something that bothers women all over the world. While in other countries women rely on pimple-treating products, women in Italy prefer treating pimples with garlic. The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic come in handy in treating zits. It reduces the inflammation and its antiseptic properties prevent pimples from recurring. Try garlic instead of chemical-laden products for long-term relief from pimples.

5. Bold Eye Makeup

Italian beauties like to apply bold eye makeup to bring the attention to their eyes. It makes their overall appearance stand out. You too can try applying bold eye makeup. Apply eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow to add a touch of glamour to your appearance. Even if you don’t apply too much makeup to the rest of your face but apply bold eye makeup, you’ll end up looking a diva.

6. Never Say No To Olive Oil

Olive oil has been a true-favorite skin care ingredient of Italian women for ages. Olive oil is widely used in Italy for cooking and skin care purposes. They use it not just for treating skin conditions but also to improve the beauty of their skin. This natural oil is replete with anti-ageing antioxidants that can help fihgt off signs of ageing. From using olive oil in face masks to adding it to bath, Italian women never say no to olive oil. The ultra-nourishing abilities of olive oil make it an excellent skin care ingredient.