Skin Tag Removal At Home


While skin tags are completely harmless and thought not to be contagious, many people strongly desire to be rid of them. Fortunately there are several very simple, cost effective methods for skin tag removal at home.

Before you begin, it is important to be sure that the growth you are removing is a skin tag. Skin tags are easily identifiable as small, flap or tab like growths. They are very similar in pigment to the rest of your skin and grow very slowly over time. They are never larger than ½ inch. If you are unsure that your skin abnormality is, in fact, a skin tag, consult your physician before proceeding.

Skin Tag Removal For The Patient Person (Or Those Afraid of Pain)

For those interested in removing their skin tag with less pain and willing to wait a few days, dental floss or thin string is the answer. Simply tie the tag off at its base and wait. Over the course of a few days the blood flow to the skin tag will be cut off, the tag will dry up and fall off.

Quick Skin Tag Removal

For the brave individual more anxious to be rid of their growth, a clean pair of scissors will do the trick. Prepare the tag as described above; tying it off at its base. Then simply cut it off as close to the base as possible with a clean sharp set of scissors or nail clippers. Be prepared to stop some minor bleeding and make sure you have plenty of peroxide and ointment available to keep the wound clean during the healing process.

Persistence Pays Off

The above methods may not be suitable for all skin tags. If you have one in an inconvenient place or are simply uncomfortable with cutting your own skin (quite understandably) you may want to consider one of the following methods. All are very inexpensive and easy to perform. Each will, however, need to be repeated several times to be effective.

Potatoes – yes, potatoes. Prior to going to bed at night, simply slice a potato and bandage it to the skin tag. Leave it on overnight. Repeat this process each night and after a few days the tag should darken in color and then fall off.

Garlic – Very similar to the potato method; press garlic into a pulp and bandage to the skin tag each night for several nights.

Apple Cider Vinegar – It is not difficult to hear discussion about apple cider vinegar and skin growths. It is a very common remedy for many types of skin conditions. For skin tags, simply apply it to the tag with a cotton ball for about 15 minutes at a time.

Whatever method you choose be sure to clean your skin thoroughly before the treatment. Skin tags should not reappear in the same spot. If this does happen, contact your doctor.

Credit :Rebecca Matters