Benefits of Post Pregnancy Massage


Post pregnancy massage as the name clearly suggests is the massage given to women after their delivery. To take full precautions and prevent any problems, the massager should be experienced enough to do proper massage. The new mothers are given a body massage in order to help her recover from bodily weakness and fortify her body. One might think that whether a post pregnancy massage is similar to or different from other normal body massage. It is simply that massage procedure is same, only some precautions are taken while massaging the new mother.

A post pregnancy massage relaxes the woman, relieves afflicted spots, reduces fatigue, increases blood circulation and relaxes muscles. It is not mandatory to get body massage after delivery but it is highly recommended by doctors that one should go for it. Before starting to get daily full body massages, you should consult the doctor once that whether you should start getting massages or not.

Some women might start getting massages soon after they are relieved from the hospital while some might have to wait for some time. The latter ones are mostly the new mothers who have had a caesarean operation.
Some of the major

benefits of post pregnancy massage are listed below:
The whole delivery process is very strenuous for the woman so need for relaxation is but obvious. Any massage is very relaxing and so is a massage after delivery.
Massage helps increase blood circulation in the body and increases flow of oxygen to the muscles thus helping you in becoming active as before.
To reduce painful and involuntary muscular contractions i.e. cramps.
It helps to release a hormone endorphins which is a neurochemical occurring naturally in the brain and having analgesic properties.
Post pregnancy massage helps to bring body of the new mother to the state as was before pregnancy.
It is a great way for a speedy recovery especially in case of a caesarean operation. After the scars are healed, massage initiates smoothing of scars.
The hormone named oxytocin is released in the body of the woman which facilitates ejection of milk through nipples while breastfeeding. Massage helps to loosen up hardened areas and prevent any problems from occurring in breastfeeding.
It facilitates lymph flow thus helping the body regain and maintain immunity power.
Massage after delivery helps to prevent to some extent the postnatal depression and baby blues thus reducing stress, tension and such other inconveniences.
The massage after delivery helps the uterus go back to its original size.
With some specific type of lotions and oils are used in massaging, it helps to lighten the scars caused after delivery.
Thus having so many benefits makes massage after delivery obvious and recommended.