How to prevent hair loss Naturally?


You might be taking extensive care of your skin, but if your hair doesn’t complement your skin, then chances are you are neglecting something you shouldn’t. In some cases, increased negligence towards hair leads to hair loss/hair thinning and if you have noticed considerable hair fall, then it’s time to pull up your socks and look around the kitchen cupboard for home remedies which will help you in getting your old thick mane back.

Mix up all the oils
With daily shampooing and exposure to pollution, the hair often become devoid of essential oils and it’s best to combine oils kept in your kitchen cabinet to make your very own anti-hair loss potion. You can combine coconut, olive, almond, sesame and castor oil to make a wondrous oil to get those long tresses back.

Juice it up
You might hate onions in your salad, but you will be amazed to know that onion juice is one of the most successful home remedies to prevent hair loss. Try rubbing your scalp with juice of two onions. Leave the juice on your scalp overnight, and wash it out the first thing in the morning.

Dip the green tea
Green tea is not only effective in weight loss but also has the ability to stop hair loss and encourage hair growth. Dip a tea bag of green tea in boiling water, keep it for cooling. Once the water has cooled down, rub the same into your hair. Leave the green tea water for 1 hour and then rinse your hair thoroughly.

Eat amla

It’s not only available in abundance, but Indian gooseberry or amla is the most effective and rich source in vitamin C, deficiency of which can lead to hair loss. The best way to avoid hair loss is include amla in your diet. Also, one can apply some dried amla powder mixed with water as a hair pack and wash it once it has dried.

 Stir up a curry, of a different kind

If you thought curry leaves worked wonders only in adding that extra zing to Indian cooking, then you are sadly mistaken. Try making a hair tonic to prevent hair loss by taking few curry leaves and mixing it with some coconut oil. Boil these two wondrous ingredients and apply it on the scalp, which can do wonders to your hair.