6 Effective Home Remedies For Loose Motions

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Loose motions are one of the commonest stomach problems which affect an individual at least twice a year. Though quite common but loose motions can be quite uncomfortable and can cause considerable weakness.

 As a thumb rule one should not take any medication for loose motions unless they are severe. If you pass more than 4 loose motions in a day then opting for some home remedies along with consumption of lots of fluids is the best bet.

Best Home Remedies For Loose Motions

Pomegranate Peels

Pomegranate peels are one of the most effective home remedies against loose motions. Always keep some shade dried pomegranate peels in a glass jar. When suffering from loose motions take 3-4 pieces of the peels and boil them in two cups of water on low heat.Do not cover the pan with lid. Add some candy sugar (mishri) for taste. Reduce water to half cup and turn off the gas. Cool this decoction and drink up after eating light food. You can also powder the dried peels and store in a glass jar. When loose motions hit, take ½ teaspoon of this powder and mix in a cup of thick curd. Eat this on empty stomach in the morning.