The Wonder Properties of Pure African Shea Butter to remove marks and wrinkles.


The Origins of Shea Butter:  Shea butter is not
butter at all, but the fat got from the Shea nut found mainly in sub
Saharan Africa.  It is considered to be a cure all for a lot of
ailments, especially skin ailments.  Most popular skin products do have
Shea butter in its ingredients.  In a world that is so hung up on
natural and being organic, the Shea butter gives the perfect solution. 
Quite a number of countries do produce this product, but it is Burkina
Faso and Ghana that contribute most of the produce.  These two countries
are also the main exporters of Shea butter.  Most inhabitants of this
region have been using Shea butter for ages, applying it on the skin, as
hair oil, as a cooking medium, and even in homemade chocolate.  It is
with the colonization of these parts of Africa that the rest of the
world got to using the product.

Getting Shea Butter into the Jar- It is the Karite
fruit that is primarily used for getting Shea butter.  The fruit has a
soft outer flesh and a hard nut at the centre.  While the soft flesh is
indeed eaten, the inner nut is further processed to give us the Shea
butter.  The harvesting and extracting of the Karite tree produce is
mainly a group activity around households; with mainly the women folk
getting together to extract and make available the butter as a social
gathering and activity.  With the unrefined oil that is the product of
oil extraction, is further processed to give an easy to handle and
easily stored butter or oil.  The problem with the cultivation of the
Karite tree is that it is seldom acknowledged as a cash crop.  Most of
the Karite trees grow in the wild and at random.  Getting around these
scattered and spaced out trees takes a lot of effort and time.  Despite
the value that the pure African Shea buttercommands in the international markets, no effort has been taken to get this sector organized and in a commercial manner.

Uses of Shea Butter:  The most common use that Shea
butter is put to is as a beauty aid.  It is applied to the skin in its
base form to soften and remove marks and wrinkles.  With the belief that
the butter processes medicinal properties, it is often used in case of
burns too.  In the days gone by, the Shea butter would have been used as
a cooking medium, mainly to fry food material.  This has since been
kept to a minimum as the price commanded by good raw Shea butter
products wholesale does not allow the cost efficiencies to cook.  A very
versatile type of oil, Shea butter does take its place in West Africa
as a prime cash crop.

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