calcium and protein Fruit Curd Rice which reduce body heat.



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Fruit Curd Rice:

  • Curd rice is a simple Indian dish, especially consumed more in southern states. This curd rice is served in the end of all feasts, which gives a smoothing effect after having hot spicy items. This is also a dish prepared on day today basis especially for lunch boxes. As fruit is added, this is tasty and healthy. Because of their colour and taste, children love it.


  1. Cooked Rice – half a cup
  2. Curd – 2 cups
  3. Green Chillies – 1
  4. Carrots – 1
  5. Mango – 1
  6. Pomegranate – 1/4 cup
  7. Grapes – 20
  8. Apple – 1
  9. Coriander – as required


  • Cut green chillies into small pieces.
  • Milling Carrots and mangoes.
  • Cut apple into small pieces.
  • Add curd and required amount of salt, then mix with cooked rice.
  • Then add required amount of coriander and mix with sliced fruit varieties.
  • Now the fruit curd rice is ready to be hot.

Medicinal properties:

  • Curd contains high level of calcium and protein. vitamin is filled with high level by adding fruit varieties.
  • They are rich in protein and so high level of digestive power.
  • Curd is producing the beneficial bacteria.
  • They are producing beneficial bacteria that can destroy pathogens in the body.
  • They cure diarrhea.
  • Handle the amount of curd to take a swipe at it to get better sleep.
  • They will soften hair.
  • They will chill our body.
  • You can also use it as an ice.
  • All of these advantages we drink rich curd.
  • It is meant that “100 degrees to 0 degrees in the winter as well as summer”. Live without disease and protect ourselves from the sun. Life will flourish.