5 Tips to Maintain Your Health for Long

Health is something that will be with you for long only if you
take care of it. Never neglect your health because it can determine your
productivity and efficiency. With improvements in medicine, it is
important to pay enough attention to health as well. Otherwise there
will not be any use of this technological improvement. Below are 5 tips
that can help you to safeguard your health for a long period of time.
1. Get plenty of restful and quality sleep
minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep is required for every adult. While
some might require 6 hours, for others even 9 hours of sleep might not
suffice. It is recommended to sleep before 12 midnight for sufficient
rest as it is better than sleeping after 12.
2. Drink clean water in plenty
is extremely critical for your healthy functioning as it is involved
with all your organs. Without sufficient water, our bodies will become a
bit sluggish and also slow both on the outside as well as inside. Thus
you must aim for at least 10 full glasses of water.
3. Engage in movement activity and exercise
is extremely important for the proper up keeping of your body. It keeps
your heart pumping and can also help you to avoid other cardiovascular
diseases. It can also increase your strength and can keep your body
flexible and fit. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise is required on a
daily basis.
4. Eat vegetables and fruits
You need to be
creative and consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. You need to try
your best to include these nutritional powerhouses in your diet and in
every meal. These are full of flavor and fiber. They improve your
digestion and have plenty of energy containing substances.
5. Protein content
diet must have a sufficient amount of protein as well. This means that
there must be enough protein to fit in your physical needs as well as
your lifestyle goals. You also need to decide whether you require a non-
animal source or an animal source of protein or both. A minimum of 45
to 60 grams of protein is required in one day.
The above tips if
followed can help you reap great rewards in a very less amount of time.
Thus make sure you follow these tips. It is one of the important things
to remember.By