Colon Cancer Stages – Colon Cancer Survival Rate


When someone has experienced having inflammatory bowel disease, there is a huge possibility that the person will have an increased risk percentage of having cancer of the colon. While cancer of the colon is one of the easiest cancer types to be prevented from occurring, colon cancer stages are very decisive to identify because they are most often diagnosed when the symptoms are already inconvenient and bothersome. Colon cancer survival rate is lower when one is diagnosed in the later stage.

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Colon cancer stages are divided into four unique stages. Each of these stages varies in colon cancer survival rate. The earliest stage of cancer of the colon is called stage 0. During this stage, the malignant cancer cells are just in the lining or mucosa of the rectum and confined in the polyp. Polypectomy is done in order to remove the cancer cells so that they would not progress on the later stages.

The Stage 1 cancer of the colon occurs when the polyp that contains the cancer cells have evolved and became a tumor that extends to the colon or rectum walls. During this stage, the advisable treatment would have to be the removal of the section of the colon that is considered to be infected by the malignant cancer cells. The five – year colon cancer survival rate for this stage is at 95% chance of cure.

Stage 2 colorectal cancer happens when the cancer tumor has spread and has affected the tissues surrounding the colon. Resection surgery is given to the patient in order to treat them of their current ordeal. Survival rates during this stage are very unfortunate; the statistics is just 60 percent chance of cure.

Stage 3 cancer of the colon is when the malignant cells have spread outside the tissues or the colon and have infected the lymph nodes surrounding the colon as well. The Treatments given to patients at this stage are aggressive in order to cope up with spread of the malignant cancer cells. Aside from the surgical operation, chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be given to the patient in order to extend their life and be cured. Rate of survival during this stage drops down to 35 percent.

Stage 4 cancer of the colon occurs when the cancer cells have expanded and infected already the different systems of the body. Aside from the surgical resection and chemotherapy, radiation treatment and surgery is also done to the other infected parts of the body. Cancer of the colon during this stage drops down in a very poor 3 percent survival rate.

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