Sitting For a Long Time?? You Must Have to Read This


  Our body is designed for regular movement but many people spend most of the time sitting in one position. I am sure many of us do not know the bad effects of sitting. When we work at a job that requires long time sitting then we hardly pay attention to our body and therefore we ourselves ruin the body function. To know the bad effects of sitting just keep reading…


We get energy from food. After eating food it breaks down into small particles and dissolves into blood and then the blood transfer these into each cell of our body. So it is very important whatever we eat should digested properly. Sitting in one position for a long time affect our digestive system and thus results in bloating, heart burn and constipation. Thus, it is very important that we should avoid sitting of long hours and do some exercise regularly so that our food digested properly.

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Sitting For a Long Time?? You Must Have to Read This

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