How To Store Groceries To Make Them Last Longer


Groceries are pretty expensive these days, since the average American family spend about $330 each month on groceries. So knowing how to store groceries and how to make them last as long as possible is important for every family.

There are a few tricks to store groceries and help them stay fresh for a couple of days or even weeks after you purchase them. Be sure to take a look over these tips before going to the grocery store so that you know how to store groceries to keep them around a bit longer.

Did you know that your salad could last a week if you wrap it with a dry paper towel, put it into a plastic bag and leave it on the refrigerator drawer? I didn’t, and after a couple of days it turned brown and I threw it away. So if you’re just like me, you should learn a few tips to store groceries.

The Proper Ways To Store Groceries


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