2 Yoga Poses For A Healthy Heart


Every year, more than six hundred thousand persons suffer from heart disease in the western world. However, factors that cause the disease can be controlled but it is done. Heart disease can be caused by smoking, which is a major cause of the disease that can be controlled. In addition, other factors that can cause the disease are increased pressure, and high cholesterol levels.


However, factors that increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels are stress, anxiety, poor diet, as well as lack of physical activity. However, for people who want to avoid any heart related issues, healthy eating, exercise, as well as medication are highly recommended as a lifestyle choice to prevent and revert the disease.

On the other hand, it is important for people to know that yoga practice has more emphasis on breathing, focus, as well as meditation. In addition, practicing yoga brings a deeper awareness of the body, mind, and emotions, thus allowing the yogi to become even more tuned with their physical as well as mental health. In addition, yoga can also help to build cardiovascular health. In fact, this benefit has been recognized by people who practiced yoga for this purpose. In addition, yoga can help to increase the capacity of your lung, respiratory function and heart rate. However, it can also help to boost your blood circulation, decrease inflammation, and build muscle.

There are yoga poses you can use for this purpose. This is why people are always told to discuss it with their yoga teacher. He or she will find the right pose for you that will suit their needs. It will not be proper to just step onto your mat without any prior knowledge or notification that will enlighten your teacher about what your needs are, as there are many yoga poses that may sound interesting, but they are not the right choice for you.

Below is a list of 2 yoga poses for your heart rate and their benefits

1. Padangusthasana: The big toe pose

This yoga pose will help to strengthen your thighs, stretch your hamstrings and your calves. It can also help to calm your brain, relieve stress, and reduce anxiety and mild depression. It is also therapeutic for high blood pressure.


2. Janu Sirsasana: Head-to-knee forward bend

This pose will help you to stretch your spine, hamstrings, shoulders, and groin. It will also help you to reduce anxiety, alleviate headache and insomnia.